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company name Kazusaya Gohukuten Co., Ltd.
PresidentRyozo Dobashi
Registered capital 10 million yen
Company address 1-36-9 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Johoku Shinkin Bank
phone number 03 - 3861 - 0529
FAX 03 - 3861 - 0587
contact information

Business content

In 1903, Tokuzo Dobashi moved to Shin Fukui Cho, Asakusa Ward, former Tokyo city from Mobara, Chiba prefecture, and opened a kimono business. In the beginning of the Showa era, the store moved to the current location for land readjustment in Tokyo back then.

The business was suspended for years due to the war.  In January 1942, the store obtained an officialy issued business permition, and resumed the kimono business after the release of the material control order in 1949.

In April 1951, Michizo Dobashi became CEO of Kazusaya Gohukuten Co., Ltd. 

With the motto "Better products and cheaper", it became the designated store for customers in the vicnity and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.

Kazusaya Gohukuten Co., Ltd. became a designated kimono store of Tokyo metropolitan government officials, faculty, and special ward staff in 1970. The business expanded to kimono market and achieved good results since that time.

In 1993, Ryozo Dobashi was appointed to become a Representative Director of Kazusaya Gohukuten Co., Ltd..

Our Management Philosophy

• Customer-first

• Active management that creates demand

• Inheritance of traditional of kimono culture


Black Tomesode, Iro-Tomesode, Iromuji, Houmongi, Komon, Edo-Komon, Tsumugi, Haori, Coat, Rain Coat

Tsumugi Tanmono Untailored: Yonezawa, Nagai, Tokamachi, Shiozawa, Ojiya, etc.

Men's Kimono, Haori, esemble

Ceremony Kimono - Shichigosan, Omiyamairi (Shrine visit)


Fukuro obi, Nagoya obi, Hassun Nagoya obi, Half-width obi, Men's obi, Heko obi (soft sash)

Kimono accessories

Obijime, Obiage, Date-eri, Tabi, Kimono undergarment, Susoyoke, Koshihimo, Datejime, Korin belt, Han-eri, Eri-shin, Haori-himo, Sarashi, Shin-moss, Yukata underwear, Furoshiki, Kinchaku bag 

Ready-made products 

Yukata, Samue, Jinbei

Custom order

Zori, Geta

Professional Kimono Cleaning

・Unwind full washing




・Removal stains

Kimono Wearing Class Reservation required, please contact us.

Professional kimono-dresser service Reservation required, please contact us.

Mr. Koichi Okada from the Kanze Noh School holds lessons at Kazusaya Gohukuten on Saturdays twice a month. Reservation required, please contact us. 

Postscript from the owner

The three major historical plays in Japan are Kabuki, Noh, and Ningyo Joruri. In particular, we are recruiting Kabuki or Noh fans to participate with us in major theater performances in Tokyo and provide opportunities to appreciate Japanese style of theatres through kimono culture. We also plan and hold kimono related cultural events such as silk dyeing, braiding Obijime, hand loom experience, and workshop tours.