company name Kazuya Kurefuten Co., Ltd.
President Dobashi Keizo
Registered capital 10 million yen
Company address 1-36-9 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Johoku Shinkin Bank
phone number 03 --3861 --0529
FAX 03 --3861 --0587
contact information

Business content

Founded Meiji 36 Founder Tokuzo Dobashi moved to Tokyo from Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, and formerly Shin Fukui Town, Asakusa Ward, Tokyo City. 3 Opened a kimono business at the street address. Entered the Showa era and moved to the current location for land readjustment.

Suspended due to the war. Showa 17 Year 1 Obtained a company permit, and resumed the kimono business after the release of the material control order in 1945.

Showa 26 Year Four Monthly Kazusoya Kuremonoten Co., Ltd. is organized, and CEO Michizo Dobashi takes office.

With the motto "Better products and cheaper", it will be a designated store for customers in the vicinity and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.

Showa 45 From the year, the sales destination will be designated by Tokyo staff, faculty staff, and special ward staff, expanding the market range and promoting sales.

Heisei Five Keizo Dobashi, Representative Director, was appointed to the Board of Directors.

next 3 Start with one management philosophy:

  • Active management that creates demand
  • Creating an organizational culture based on the customer-first principle
  • Consumer participation type management policy Example: Plant dyeing experience, weaving experience, on-site tour of production area, etc.

Japan's three major Speaking of theater, there are Noh, Kabuki, and Ningyo Joruri. In particular, we are recruiting Noh and Kabuki fans to participate in theater performances and provide opportunities to enjoy Japanese art and culture. We also hope that you will hold a participatory event and experience the fun and difficulty of dyeing yourself or weaving with a loom.

Products handled


Tomesode, Houmongi, hanging, Komon kimono, coat, white cloth, mourning dress

Tsumugi Kijyaku (Yonezawa, Nagai, Tokamachi, Shiozawa, Ojiya, etc.)

Men's black feather double crest deposit Haori, men's pongee ensemble, men's dressing scale

We also have thin kimonos.

Kimono for Shichigosan celebration and visiting the shrine


Fukuro obi, Nagoya obi, Yassun Nagoya obi, half-width obi, men's obi, soldier's obi, etc.

Kimono accessories:

Band tightening, obi fried, date collar, socks, underwear, hem guard, waist cord, date tightening, korin belt, half collar, collar core, haori cord, bleached, new moss, yukata bottom, furoshiki, purse, etc. Ready-made products: Samue, Jinbei Other


Zori and clogs


Washing, washing, dyeing, tailoring, re-tailoring, stain removal, etc.

● We hold dressing classes. Reservation required, please contact us.

● We accept dressing. Reservation required, please contact us.


I am practicing Kanze style songs. If you are interested, why don't you join us?

The lesson day is the afternoon of the first and third Saturdays of every month (teacher's visit) (Changes due to circumstances)

Kanze school Umewaka Koichi Okada will be on a business trip.