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Nitta Kobo Studio, Untailored Kimono Tanmono, tailoring fee included

Yaguruma: The fruits of Hannoki, Himeyasha, Bushi, Miyamahannoki, etc. are collectively called Yaguruma. Used these fruits, leaves, and bark as dyes.
Bayberry: An evergreen tree that grows in the mountains of warm regions, and uses this bark as a dye.
Asen: An extract (Asenyaku) extracted from Gambir catechu is melted into a dye in Takagi, which grows on an island in Southeast Asia.
Gobaishi: Dyes dried gall on the leaves of plants such as Rhus chinensis caused by puncture wounds.
Areca nut: An evergreen tree native to the Malai region, whose fruits are dyed.
Material: Pure silk
Original Price: 317,350 yen including tailoring fee.
* This item includes a tailoring fee (domestic hand-sewn). Pearl tone guard processing is not included. Since the tailoring will be tailored to the customer's dimensions, we will check the desired dimensions after ordering. Please note that it will take about 45 days to deliver. If you are in a hurry, please be sure to let us know in advance.
* The product image is designed to be as close to the actual color as possible, but the actual color may differ slightly depending on the monitor environment used by the customer.
* If you live in the neighborhood, we recommend you to visit us.
* Tanmono (untailored): 107,250 yen. Please contact us to check the inventory.

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